Day 1:

Arrive in Ushuaia (Argentina). Orientation with ski or trekking guide at glacier. Welcome Dinner. Overnight in Ushuaia.


Day 2:

Board the Sea Adventurer and set sail down the Beagle Channel.


Days 3 and 4:

Cross the Drake Passage. Sperm, fin, and humpback whales, along with skies of seabirds will accompany our journey.


Day 5:

Ski and trekking objectives at Neko Harbour. Zodiac cruises, penguin rookeries, hiking.


Day 6:

Ski and trekking objectives at Anvers and Wenke Islands. Port Lockroy Scientific Base and Museum. Visit Gentoo and Adelie penguin habitat.


Day 7:

Ronge/Island/Mt. Britannia. Visit penguin rookery at Georges Point.


Day 8:

Ski and trekking objectives in Paradise Bay. Zodiac excursions.Visit penguin rookery and Almirante Brown Station.


Day 9:

Lemaire Channel/ Mt. Scott/ Mt. Demaria/Mt. Mill ski descents. Visit the Ukrainian Vernadsky scientific station. Killer whale and leopard seal sightings.


Day 10:

New ski descents and nature cruises of Charlotte Bay; begin journey north in the evening.


Days 11 and 12:

Sail Drake Passage; pass the dramatic cliffs of Cape Horn.


Day 13:

Disembark the Sea Adventurer in Ushuaia, Argentina.


Flexibility is necessary for all Antarctic travel. This program is subject to change throughout the journey depending on ice, weather and local conditions.


* 1 night pre-expedition shared hotel accommodation in Ushuaia, Argentina. This room includes a continental breakfast.

* Group dinner in Ushuaia.

* Group transfer from hotel to ship on embarkation and from the ship to the airport on disembarkation and all miscellaneous service taxes and port charges.

* Breakfast, lunch and dinner on board the Sea Adventurer.

* Shore landings and Zodiac excursions as permitted by weather and local conditions.

* Presentations by our Expedition Team and guest speakers.

* Expedition certificate.

* Photographic DVD chronicling the voyage.

* Comprehensive pre-departure information package.

* Use of a pair of rubber expedition boots on loan for shore landings. These will be returned at the end of the voyage.


Not included.

* Airfares to or from your home city, whether on scheduled or charter flights.

* Passport and visa expenses. Tourist entry fees may apply depending on your nationality.

* Any government arrival and departure airport taxes.

* Ski or trekking equipment.

* Any meals ashore with the exception of breakfast at the host hotel and the Welcome dinner on the evening prior to departure.

* Baggage, cancellation and travel insurance (emergency medical and evacuation insurance is mandatory. Ice Axe can help you to arrange this insurance if you need assistance.)

* Excess baggage charges.

* Laundry, bar, beverage and other personal charges onboard the ship or at the hotel.

* Telecommunications charges or the customary gratuity at the end of the voyage for stewards, guides, and other service personnel.

* Tips for guides and hospitality staff.

Please contact Tuc Mountain Guides on the following email address:

For the outdoor activity that you plan to be successful it is very important that it accommodates to your level, both physical and technical. Here we present some guidelines so that you can get an idea of what your level is according to the programs we propose. However, we recommend reaching to us so we can help you personally and adapt the program to your conditions.


Ski touring & Freeride


  • Technical Level

  • 1 - Beginner. Never ski toured before. Frequent skier that goes off-piste not very often. Never used skins before.
  • 2 - Intermediate. Ski tours occasionally (5 to 10 days a year). Know the basics using skins, correct kick turn on slopes up to 35º. Capable of placing ski crampons without any help. Be able to ascend through all kinds of snow following a trace. Skis efficiently on all kinds of snows.
  • 3 - High. Big expertise in all types of ascents with skis. Knows and masters several climbing techniques with skins, kick-turn both back and to the valley. Can go easily forward skating. Ski tours quite often (more than 15 days a year). Familiarized with the use of ice axes and crampons in different terrains. Be able to use ropes for belaying. Has been in high routes in the Alps. Training in self-rescue.

  • Fitness Level

  • 1 - Being able to walk in the mountains for 3 to 4 hours gaining 800 meters of altitude with a lightweight backpack of about 5 kg.
  • 2 - Walk along itineraries in the mountains for 4 to 6 hours gaining 1000 meters of altitude with an 8 kg backpack.
  • 3 - able to make mountain itineraries for more than 8 hours and ascending 1500 meters or more, loaded with a backpack of 10 kg.

Next Dates :

November 2-14, 2020


Incredible as it may seem, we bring the opportunity to enjoy your passion for skiing and nature in an incomparable setting, the remote continent of Antarctica!! The magnificent and wild landscapes covered with ice will appear continuously at each stop of the cruise.

With the help of the American company ICE AXE EXPEDITIONS, we offer this 12-day cruise aboard a superb ship with space for 130 passengers. With great attention to detail, you will have all the comfort to enjoy the surroundings and the skiing in the Antarctic Peninsula. It is an unforgettable trip full of memories for a lifetime of an unmatched natural setting.

The non-skiers are welcome as well!!  We present the option of experiencing this incomparable journey hiking or snowshoeing.




If you would like to read the full dossier with the complete informartion of this journey, please fill out the form and it will be sent to your email.


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