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Mountain destination par excellence from all parts of the world, the Alps have the prestige, history, beauty well deserved. If your challenge is in this magnificent mountain range, TUC will provide the most experienced professionals on it to make you achieve your task at hand in a unique experience.     See More

The Alps

alpes grandes jorasses

It is the great European mountain range. It overreaches 1200 km from the Mediterranean to almost the Carpathians, crossing 8 countries. It emerged after the crash between the European and African plates in the so-called Alpine Orogeny, like the Pyrenees and Himalayas.

Mont Blanc (4808m) is its highest peak and almost a hundred others exceed 4000m in altitude. The Alpine glaciers are the traces of the great Quaternary glaciation and today they’re experiencing a concerning retreat. Despite this, some, far exceed dozen kilometres.

alpes vista cervino
alpes vista Mont Blanc amanecer

In the Alps, the concept of mountaineering was born during the romantic era in which scientists, naturalists and artists sought their source of inspiration in these mountains. Science and art gave way to challenges of sporting and technical nature. With the conquest of Mont Blanc in 1786 by the crystal seeker Jacques Balmat and Chamonix doctor Michel Gabriel Paccard, the beginning of mountaineering was installed. Almost a century later, in 1865, the first ascent to the 4478m Matterhorn was achieved by a team led by Englishman Edward Whymper, ending the so-called Golden Age of Mountaineering. Alpine activity continued in its search for new challenges, which nowadays it still without limit. The Alps are from year to year, the scene of new climbs and epic ascensions, never before made.

Currently, 14 million people live in the Alps and 120 million tourists visit each year, which gives an idea of the importance of tourism in all regions of the Alpine range.

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The alpine mountain range represents for TUC Mountain Guides, not only the scenario of climbs and crossings in leisure time, but also a big part of our day to day work. For decades we have frequented countless mountains in the Alps guiding our clients in any alpine challenge, ski route or trekking. We take example of the best local guides and print our own character, which has become the hallmark of TUC Mountain Guides.